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Various Poems #1

1.Emily Dickinson "Because I Could Not Stop for Death
-Dickinson tends to make a lot of references to nature and things around her that will go on living even after her own life has stopped. She also seems to write a lot about death and ponders her own demise. In this particular poem death has come to get her and she is passing/riding down the path of her memories and childhood as she travels in a carriage to meet her maker. Dickinson uses aliteration in the lines, "Horses Heads," "Dews drew," "Gazing grain," and "Setting sun." And according to the singing talents of Dr.Jerz, any Emily Dickinson poem can be sang to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

2.William Carlos Williams "Just To Say"
This poem was so funny to me. I read the "Red Wheel Barrow" last year and I knew that there is always a deeper meaning to something so simple (symbolism). Williams writes very complex and symbolic prose that can really make you think. At first I thought of the ice box as being a place where you would store something you didn't want to get messed up or spoiled. (Because its basically a primitive version of the refregirator.) So I initially thought of the story as being about a man and a woman, and the man stole the women's virginity. It was also suggested that this poem could be viewed as a reverse version of the Adam and Eve scenario.

I know this sounds weird but let me explain. The plums being represented as her actual virginity, then the line "you may have been saving them for breakfast" also made me think that he took from her too soon...when she had other purposes or intended recipients of the plums/virginity. In class I did not bring this point up for fear that it was no on target at all. Who knows? It may not be, but its a loose an rather obscure interpretation. Jerz mentioned a possible link between domestic plain ordinary things and symbolism.

3.Gerald Manely Hopkin's "God's Grandeur"
This poeam basically says that God has been scarred by the world's commercial interest in things and he no longer has the same jurisdiction/power. The point is raised that as we go on living our lives, nature does its own thing and the theme nature is bigger than us is brought about.

4.T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
I don't know what to say about this one. I hated reading it because it was so long. In my mind poetry is supposed to be a short look at something using literature/prose. This was telling a man's story. It was written in a monologue format. Rhyme plays a large role in this poem as well. There is some repetition. The man that the poem refers to is obviuosly miserable with his hum drum life that consists of attending morose tea parties because he feels as if he can do nothing else. His life has become empty and without meaning or purpose.

Ps: Dr. Jerz is a really good singer. PLEASE ask him about 'The Yellow Rose of Texas'

Various Poems ASN.

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HAHA! I was in Intro. to Lit. EL150 last spring semester, and "The Yellow Rose of Texas" almost killed me in class...

Have you gotten to read Dickenson's "Sleep! I was expecting you" yet? I wrote about that last year... (http://blogs.setonhill.edu/KarissaKilgore/002155.html)You might enjoy that.

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