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Million Dollar Brawl...

milliondollarbabypubd.jpgWell if you've been following the comments on my blog you can see that there has been much debate and discussion about the origins of the movie 'Million Dollar Baby' and its storyline. What was it really all about originally? Was it based in truth? These questions remained heavy on my mind as the discussion continued. Myself, Lou Gagliardi, and Jaynelle Stevens have been the main ones discussing it. The original post was to state how much I enjoyed the movie and that I suggested that if you were a fan of Swank, Eastwood or boxing you see this movie. Anyway, it spiraled into a war of the words so I decided to do a little research about it.

Here is what I found:
Amazon.com description/editorial of the book 'Million Dollar Baby: Stories From The Corner' by: F.X. Toole
Yahoo.com Movie Review/Synopsis of Million Dollar Baby

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