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SHU Sonnet

A Parody of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 15:

I have begun to watch closely as Seton Hill grows,
Buildings shoot up to the sky in many a moment,
As the stage of the athletic complex does show,
Whereon athletes give all their greatest commitment,

As I observe the nuns walking happily about,
From Caritas Christi back to main Admin,
Wonder if they are plagued by gout,

They simply continue with those cherubic grins,
Breakfast, lunch and dinner need not improve,
The fried ravioli tastes so delightful,

You’ll be so full you cannot move,
The SHU shuttle driver seems very spiteful,

Because I love this school… even to blog,
It doesn’t bother me that much when the Brownlee toilets clog.

-Leslie Rodriguez 2005

Sonnet Parody ASN.

Comments (4)

you've just got to LOVE a poem that mentions nuns, fried ravioli, and clogged toliets all in one! awesome :c)


The ending was a work of art!

What wondrous lines you wrote -- wit-pack'd and terse.
When life's not great, you prove it could be verse.

Caroline Jones:

Leslie- what a sonnet. I loved it. So funny... and VERY relatable (although I hate the fried ravioli!)

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