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Music for the heart...

This is the first non-academic entry that I have had the pleasure of writing in a long time. The other day I was sitting around in my room (thats a first) and I was listening to some of the songs on this mixed CD that I hadn't heard in a while. I'm pretty sure it was from like the 9th-10th grade era when I started to really like mellow folky music like Nina Gordon, Sheryl Crow, Juliana Hatfield, and Jill Sobule. But then there was like this early 90's fem-rock on there as well. Bands like Veruca Salt and Letter's to Cleo. Don't worry there is a point to all this rambling. I wanted to expose my little blogging friends to a song that meant a lot to me and still does. It happens to be one that really touches me and its by Letters To Cleo.

Co-Pilot-Letter's To Cleo (Selected Verses)
Everybody says that you`re no good I don`t pay attention though
It doesn`t matter though I know it should I don`t pay attention
It`s true so much for them who cares about my friends
Be my co-pilot come be in my dream you looked so beautiful there
Everybody tries so hard to bring me down I don`t pay attention though
It doesn`t matter I can hardly hear a sound
Because number one I`m good with you the way you look at me is number two so what else could I do?
Be my co-pilot come be in my dream you looked so beautiful there
I feel like I could foat away so what`s the use when it never ends
You`re singular it`s true so much for them who cares about my friends
Be my co-pilot come be in my dream you looked so beautiful there just like the part of you that makes a part of me seem to take a ride co-polot
Shimmer on in my dreams

My List of Favorites from the 9-10th grade era:
Meredith Brooks, Nina Gordon, Sheryl Crow
Jill Sobule, Juliana Hatfield
Beth Hart, Sinead O'Connor
Veruca Salt, Letters to Cleo
Sarah McLachlan

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hi! you have good taste in music. what are you listening to these days?


Honestly I listen to a lot of the same shit and a little bit more. K's Choice, PJ Harvey,Ani DiFranco, and anything Lilith Fairish...haha!! I'm such a dork. I'll get into some more detail later. What do you like?

oooh! i LOVE PJ Harvey! definitely one of my favs! I like all of what you have mentioned. i'm into lots of stuff - rasputina, bjork, janis joplin, lucinda williams, jason mraz, patti smith, and weirdly enough, i dig the new Gwen Stefani cd as well. :c) you like any of this stuff?


I really like the new Gwen CD, shes pretty talented. I blast it in my dorm room all the time. I have to say that I have become victim to some POP nowadays as well. Lindsay Lohan included, something about redheads lol ;). I like a lot of stuff though so its hard to categorize. Even a little 50 Cent every now and then.

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