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Napoleon Jerzamite...

Well I'm sure by now many of us have had the pleasure of seeing the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." It has quickly grown and turned into a college cult classic. I first viewed the film over the Christmas break when I went home. When I returned to SHU in January, everyone was talking about Napoleon and his crazy antics. The reason I am having this sudden outburst of Napoleonism is because today in my EL150 class (Intro. to Lit Study) Dr. Jerz was acting very Napoleon like. He made a comment regarding our class which was, "People that have great skills are commended for them." Suddenly it hit me. Where had I heard such a line before? Napoleon!! Yay!!! I believe Nappy said, "Girls only want boyfriends that have great skills!"
It was all becoming so much more clear to me as I began to think of other comparisons between Napoleon and Jerz. They both wear glasses, and have probably played their fair share of Sci-fi games. They believe in things of the mystic and magical realm like Ligers and Star Wars. A perfect match. Then another revelation came to me in this moment of lucidity. Dr. Jerz is a master of disguise because not only is he Britney Spears (according to a speculation by Moira) he may also be Napoleon Dynamite. Which brings me to my much anticipated conclusion that if Dr. Jerz is Napoleon and Britney he makes a lot of $$$$... but he loves us (EL150) and teaching so much that he doesn't quit his day job. Thanks for loving what you do Dr. J, we'll keep your secret.

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I knew Dr.Jerz reminded me of someone! thank you so much for clearing that up. now i have to wonder if Dr. Jerz stores tator tots in his pants pockets...


The inspiration for this blog entry was so clear to me as if it was in a dream. Gotta love the Jerz. He's a funny guy. Good sense of humor about himself as well. =) Kudos.

Hmm... this pop culture reference goes under my head... or under my high brow.. or something.

The glasses do seem oddly similar. I don't wear that style anymore, though -- I'm a one-thin-metal-bar-between-the-lenses guy now, not a bar-across-the-top-too guy.


Excellent movie, excellent. You are right- it is a cult classic now. I can quote that thing to death!

Jerz does lack the completely expressionless face though and the Hispanic companion...haha.

Caroline Jones:

Leslie- this is seriously hillarious. And so true. They resemble each other so much. You were so creative with the title Jerzamite... haha. Your blog is "flipping" great!

Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite



That was a great addition to this long standing topic of Napoleon Dynamite and his many look-a-likes. I was pleased to stumble appon your comment today and it is wonderful. You,Napoleon and Bill are celebritites on my blog.

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