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Ex 2-2: Original Sonnet Reflection

There is a lot to be said about the original sonnet that I wrote entitled "Self-Destruction." Firstly in case you didn't read the sonnet, it is not about me, so no need to worry about my self-destruction at this point in time. It is a very intimate and personal look at the life of one of my friends from the past. Recently it has been brought to my attention that this person, someone I cared for greatly has turned their life into shambles. I guess it was a long time coming but once it happened there was no turning back. When I first sat down to write this sonnet a lot of ideas crossed my mind but I kept going back to my concern and question for this individual's current actions which I deemed as being self-destructive.

I struggled with writing sonnets in the past solely because I feared having to use a formula with my writing style. It just seemed manually constructed and I began to wonder if Shakespeare had to think long and hard as I did when writing in this way. Well, all fears aside I needed to refresh my memory about Sonnets and found a really good website off of google that showed me How to Write a Sonnet.(Sorry Dr.Jerz, I lost those handouts) I knew after reading this page what I had to do and took the advice of the author by making a list of words that would go with my theme. It was very helpful. Next I just sat down and began to write. Feeling more confident and at ease, I fell like this sonnet is one of my best to date. It is honest and from the heart. I thought long and hard about my topic and content which I think showed in the end result.

As far as goal setting for this sonnet, I wanted to express great concern, but then again let the subject of the sonnet know that you can't treat your friends horribly and then expect them to be there for you when you fall flat on your face and need help getting back up. She (the poem's subject) has done a lot of things to people that don't make her deserving of a second or even third chance. Please don't get me wrong, I may seem harsh in my final couplet but this is not necesarily a sonnet writing off this person but just temporarily disconnecting them from my life until they realize what they need to do to get better, physically and mentally. I drew on true life experience and an issue that was currently on my mind. As far as formula/structure goes, I followed the standard iambic pentameter rhyme scheme (ababcdcdefefgg) not that of the italian sonnet (aabbaabacdecde).

Ex: 2-2 Original Sonnet Asn.

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