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Foster's "How to Read" Sections 16 & 17

Sections 16-17 I thought that Foster's responses to sex in literature and in some movies/television was a very interesting commentary. There were many things that I never thought of before like the symbolism of sex in literature. It really isn't about perverted writers and literary critics reading too much into a seemingly simple act. When I read a book/short story that has a sex scene I know it is in there to either move the plot along, reveal the true nature of a character or simply because the character(s) wanted to DO IT!

There is definitely the idea that sex is an issue of morality firstly in many people's opinions. In most stories where a character gives into the temptation of sexual intercourse there is almost always a negative consequence that follows. This kind of goes along with the idea that in scary movies the virgin will always prevail but the slutty teenager will be killed within the first few scenes. The connotation between good/bad and sex is evident in many works of literature as well. I am reminded that most movies/screenplays were once novels or short stories so there is a direct link between the two mediums.

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