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A Tribute to Lou and Moira...

Dear Lou & Moira,

I just wanted to say that I am all for gay rights and the celebration of diversity that I think our EL:150 class really understands. I follow your blog along with several others quite closely and it excites me to see that you both along with Evan and several others are so vocal in your beliefs about a very important issue. Then again I don't really know if "issue" is the right word for it. I mean it shouldn't be an issue at all, but unfortunately due to the small mindedness of some social groups it has become one. I support all types of relationships.

The way I see it, love is love and people should do what makes them happy. Seton Hill is a Catholic university, but I can say that there is a lot of diversity here and I don't just mean in regard to people's sexual orientation. I give support to anyone that has the pride to go out into a world full of adversity and show off their life like that. When I see it, I commend it. I think that college is also a time that people become exposed to things they have never been around before and this kind of culture shock can be a good thing. Well I think I have ranted on enough for now. I hope that all you are doing can make a difference in one person's life. Once again thanks for all the support you give to a very special community that is comprised of many special people.
doudou_tinky_winky_gd.jpgWell come on. I had to have this picture on here.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, Leslie! I figured if Lou was going to have his day of silence, I would have my day of speaking out! You make an EXCELLENT point about college being a time of "culture shock" - and I agree with you about SHU having a large amount of diversity in many ways. Have a fab day! ;c)


OMG! I love the teletubby! ;c) I used to have a collection of those weird little things (don't ask!) but I have since surrendered them to my favorite toddler. Definitely an appropriate pic. ;c)


I do what I can to help the cause. We should sit down and talk sometime. I bet we have a lot of the same views on this matter along with several others. I am glad to have found a friend in you. :)

Hey, awesome, that would rock! Name a time and a place! ;c)


Leslie, awesome pic! Thank you for supporting all diversity. I like your quote on "culture shock." It is a good thing. And as much as I tend to shy away from popular media, it has taken leaps and bounds into making people more aware and raises some key issues.

Moira, I forgot to tell you I got a good chuckle from your entry. I like the quote about how you stay out of other's (boring) bedrooms.

Hey! We should all go see a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Hell yeah!


I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I fell asleep listening to the soundtrack the other night. My friend Steph and I watch it all the time. Yay. Lets make plans. =)


Oooh! I'd love to see Rocky Horror! Does it still play in Pittsburgh? It used to run every Friday at the Oakland Beehive but that place isn't around anymore. P.S. Thanks Evan! I'm glad someone enjoyed that crack! ;c)


We should all just get together and watch it up here at Seton Hill. Make a night out of it. An event in Sullivan Gym perhaps. We need to get cracking on it because there is not much time left in school. Let me know what you think Evan and Moira. I would love to dress up for the occassion, ie; in costume. =)

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