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Random Poem #1

By: Leslie Rodriguez

Co-Pilot...I can't get you out of my head; my co-pilot.
Seems like everything brings you to my mind these days.
Why can't I rise up out of this haze?
Co-pilot, can't we finally go our separate ways?

We always tried to go in the same direction,
But this left me empty and staring at your pale complexion.
Clearly we differ in love, life and relationships,
All we ever had was a few clever quips.

It's funny how it felt so right,
So magical again,
From the way you had me feeling,
I'd sware you were a ten.

Despite what everyone would say about your cold demeanor,
I stood up for you and assured them "She really is much sweeter."
Looking back I see it now all too clear,
All you ever wanted to do was sit back and chug a beer.

Party, party until you drop,
For it will be your end.
Look where it has lead our friendship,
To a state we simply cannot mend.

You never were who I thought thoughout the whole ordeal,
Not my co-pilot at all, I can't trust you at the wheel.

For Bert

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Hurrah for an unexpected rhyme -- "demeanor" and "sweeter".


Well, I used to think I was a poet lol. ;)

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