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Some thoughts on the past...

The Explanation:
Well I found one of my old journals the other day that was from last year and it had a lot of really good poems and thoughts in it. I was like "damn" I had some quality rage and emotion going at this particular time in my life. I wanted to share some of these works on my blog. So enjoy them because I'm pretty sure most people can relate to most of my philosophies about love, life and loss that will be expressed. It's good to just get it all out again and clear my mind. PS; This weekend is going to be full of blogging. (hopefully some academic catch up as well)

"Love is Strange...The Heart"

The heart works in a very mysterious way. And my opening question is; who was the one that made the heart the "organ of love" anyway? Did some guys heart begin to race one day when he was in love or saw a cute girl and then he was like "this will be the symbol for all emotion." I find this theory to be somewhat palpable in that the heart may fasten in pace to signify an attraction or arousal, but it does not make descisions for us. How many times have you met someone and had no emotional stirring towards them what so ever? Yet later on you find yourself more and more drawn to them than you could have ever imagined? How many times had intellectual stimuli outweighed sexual stimuli/attraction?

The brain attracts "you" initially and later even the not so fortunate looking guy/girl becomes hot in their own way. It freaks me out how we can have so many different things going on in our heads at once. For instance, the three out of four biggest loves in our lives will likely be based on mental attractions when it comes down to it. Rather than drawing on affection, some people find that the most satisfaction can be derived from those who can match wits with their partners.

"Untitled 2"
It hurts to think what we have shared,
Love grew between us no matter how we faired.
During school we shared a million laughs,
But I guess that is all in the past.

Here I am again striving to keep control
You've gone off the deep end of an emotional cliff
If I didn't know any better I'd say someone pushed you
It was likely the one that you trusted most...
Not I...but another that you invested too much time and effort in
Our friendship was real for me...apparently solely me
You know nothing more than use and abuse coupled together
Therefore you are left lost and friendless once more.

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