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Is Utopia Obsolete?

Is Uptopia Obsolete? By: Katherine Hayles

"Is Utopia Obsolete" is an article that focuses mainly on The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson and the idea of a hybrid utopian society. Hayles, the author, talks about the theory or a mutopia which is defined as a a hybrid offspring utopia and a reality too complex to fit into the utopian formula. Hayles somewhat talks about the Victorian point of view/life stlye and how it translates into The Diamond Age. There is this theme of protecting children, like Nell, and preserving their innosence. Children during Victorian times were to be seen and not heard just as children during the "D-Age" were to be raised and then become immediate adults. (little adults)

In class we talked about how "D-Age" is a modern day Victorian tale like something Charles Dickens would have written. I thought it was very interesting that Nell remained unaffected by her abuses and she continued to see her brother even after what he has done. Her brother gave her the primer and that was his one redeeming quality. Our class discusion took an interesting turn when Jerz compared a weblog to a seed like in the book. There was a distinction between the feed and the see. The feed being a means of sending nano-particles to build someone up and the seed being an alternate source for a similar process. (think of a flower emerging) Weblogs are in a way like a network of seeds because they are all independent power sources/informational sources. A very good point was also made about whether "D-Age" was a humanitarian story or one for or against science?

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