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Blog Portfolio #2

This is the second installment of my Blog Portfolio for 2005. For those of you that did not follow my Blog the first time around I will give you a brief exposition about me and my Movable Type cause. My name is Leslie Rodriguez and welcome to my weblog sponsored by Movable Type. I am a freshman at Seton Hill University and as part of my EL150 Intro to Literary Study class and the New Media Journalism program I write and respond with blog entries on various topics.

These entries are then posted for public view on my blog. This entry acts as an introduction to my blog portfolio which includes selected entries that reflect on our in class discussions, academic articles and various texts. The following topics will be examined and discussed in my blog portfolio:

The Collection: My best blog entries categorized accordingly.

Class Required Blog Topics

The Color of Water: This entry summarizes the story generally but also addresses the issue of race. I discuss the idea that McBride's father had a totally different family that he would go and live with ocassionally. I talk about how McBride seemed to condone such behaviour.

Death of a Salesman I: My love for Arthur Miller is expressed in this entry. Miller's other plays are mentioned briefly. Vanessa's blog entry is referenced because I also agreed that Miller's use of stage directions made the play more comprehensible.

Coverage Blog 1: A look at the book Eats,Shoots and Leaves. This entry centers around the interesting writing style of the author, the actual information that the author presents and those silly grammar pandas. I draw on the similarities of Foster's How to Read novel.

Coverage Blog 2: The implementation of technology in American drama. A look at the use of cars, in home appliances and other advances to drive a story as well as a society.

Coverage Blog 3: A quick examination of the Geek culture movement in the play "Pick Up Ax". I talk about things like DnD and Star Wars in the formation of this sub-culture.

Depth Blog 1: I used my prior knowledge of genre fiction to comment on and draw some conclusions about the book The Diamond Age. There were quite a few comments from my peers on this novel because we all had the same Popular Fiction class with Dr.Wendlad that brought up many topics involving genre stereotypes.

Depth Blog 2: Is Utopia Obsolete? That is the question addressed in this entry of my blog. Utopia is a state that is somewhat outdated. Now we have this hybrid that we are living in called mutopia and its all in this entry.

Depth Blog 3: A comment on Foster's idea that sex in literature can mean many different things. Sometimes you just have to have a little sex in the story in order to reveal something more meaningful, or maybe they just wanted to get it on...look and see.

Interaction Blog 1: This blog is not necesarily related to class text but it did recieve a lot of interaction from several of my peers. I kind of elaborated on an issue that I knew about and we all came together to discuss the topic of Gay rights and human rights in general in regard to the "Day of Silence" that Lou participated in.


Depth Xenoblogging 1: A long response to Vanessa's blog entry.

Depth Xenoblogging 2 A long on going conversation between myself, Moira and Evan carried on through Moira's blog.

Link Gracious Blog: I linked to Vanessa's blog entry on a similar topic regarding Death of a Salesman.

Comment Primo: I commented on the character of Willy Loman in Vanessa's blog entry that talked about the recorder that was mentioned in the play. Generally I hated him at times because he was such a pathetic man, yet I almost felt sympathy for his plea. My mixed emotions were expressed.

Foster's Response Entries
Foster Entry 1: Sections 12-13,15,18
Foster Entry 2: Sections 16-17

Other Entries:
W;t:: A response to the play and its character name signifigances.

Class Response:We were asked to blog about one aspect of the course or one specific exercise that we implemented during the term paper writing process.

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