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The play Wit by Margaret Edson is one that really surprised me. The main character's adittude towards being diagnosed with cancer was very unique and showed a lighter side of dealing with such an intense disease. In class we talked about how there is research done to prove that humor is a way to aleviate some of the pain associated with a terminal illness. This theory went along with the way that Vivian dealt with her disease. The author puts a lot of signifigance in the names of the characters in regard to their roles and views in the play. This method of informing the audience is really interesting and tricky. I was reading one critique of the play that suggested the doctors in the story diagnose Vivian and observe her disease as if it were a text or work of literature. This is completely true; to Jason she is "research".

Name Signifigances:
Vivian Bearing - "Life Bearing" - She does have ovarian cancer which has a lot of effect on bearing life (children).
Jason Posner - "Poser" - Jason poses to be a real doctor.
Dr.Ashford - "Ashes, fording something" - Death, a helpful device.

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