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History of the Fanny Pack

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If there is one thing that I wanted to talk about this year that I hadn't yet, it has to be the history of the fanny pack. I find this creation to be one that is not only helpful but stylish as well. Maybe you've seen them on the streets, in the mall or even in your classroom.

It's an accessory for a man or woman on the go with not time to stop, remove a regular bag from their shoulder, place it down and look inside. The fanny pack is something special that can make a person very unique when in a crowd. If I see someone with a fanny pack my immediate reaction is "Wow, look at that pack of the fanny. How daring?"

I Bet You Didn't Know:
1. Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) will tell you that anyone wearing a fanny pack might as well wear a sign saying "I am carrying a gun."

2. Many social groups still embrace the fanny pack today and include:

-Germans The nation that produces the finest beer, beautiful automobiles, and beautiful blue-eyed, blonde women also has some of the worst taste in clothing ever known. Perhaps it's some kind of karmic repayment for that whole "master-race" thing.

-Medieval Re-enactors* Otherwise known as Renaissance Fair Dorks. Sir Humphrey of Forest Lakes will wear his fanny pack slung low and in the frontal position, and will refer to it as his "codpiece". Don't be fooled, it's a fanny pack, and he's likely a cashier at Barnes & Noble.

-Hippies Yes, Moonbeam, you CAN put your grass in there, but it's the first place The Man is going to look when you show up at Red Rocks for that Phish concert.

-College Professors - This group is much smaller and condensed than all the rest. The purpose in carrying it is to keep the students on their toes and constantly guessing what really he/she has inside. Maybe there are pencils or pens in there. Maybe its empty. There is even the possibility that there in another smaller fanny pack inside. The world may never know...

A Final Note:

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Comments (11)

As a proud wearer of a fanny pack, I find this website amusing and entertaining.

I generally keep lollipops and a toy car or dinosaur, for emergency child-entertainment needs. Business cards, crupmpled receipts. I don't usually keep pens or pencils in there, though I do carry around an extra PDA stylus.


Thanks for taking clearing up what you keep in your fanny pack. There were a few separate speculations that floated around the classroom.

Leah White:

Hi sir,
I am 15 yrs of age and as u kno thats a very judge mental age at my scool. So i have decided to wear MY Light green fanny pack to see if ANYone would notice or comment on it. Ill let you kno in a couple months(whether i be dead or alive),


Haha. Awesome entry, Leslie... Thanks for the laugh! :P

Maria Victoria:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the origin of the name Fanny....why is it called a "Fanny" pack?

Montreal, Canada


i'm 15 aswell. we talked at school about how girls got their purses but us guys dont got anything. so now i've decided that i'm goin to wear my black fanny pack to school, and see if anybody comments or notices it. i'll post up the comments said, and post back here in a weeks time.

I want to know actual history of the Fanny Pack!!! where may i find such info?
-jeaux j.

Just found this post via a link on Dr. Jerz' latest blog entry. A cute homage to some smashin' fashion. Just wanted to say there's a new book out called "Bum Bags and Fanny Packs: A British-American American-British Dictionary" which elaborates on the nomenclature (obviously).


hey everybody
im 18 years old and from Germany.
im a proud owner of a fanny pack. i love my fanny and i wear it everywhere. i came to America 10 month ago as an exchange student and this little bag is my trademark and everybody loves it !! its a part of me and it is so comfortable!!!
it was a big trend to wear fannys in germany not long ago i think it was in 2000. that is when i got my first fanny. the brand Eastpak had some really nice pices!!!
cheers to the fanny pack


bring back the fanny pack

taylor hoff:

i wear a f-pack i want to be a fanny pack model when i turn 18. i like to call them belly bags they are so cool

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