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Creatures of the Farm...

I just wanted to post a few pictures that I had taken (with my camera phone) of some interesting little creatures that were mosey-ing around work this week. I work at a dog kennel called Pet Palace, that sits back on a chicken farm and we have all kinds of wildlife in the surrounding area. I have a lot of tales to tell from the farm and hopefully I will be able to get them posted within the next couple of days. Some of them you simply won't believe.


This snapper was crossing the lane when I was driving to work and I had to get a picture. Suprisingly it held still just long enough for the shot and then scurried away really fast. The bullfrog was in one of the kennels with a dog and my co-worker called me to remove it because she is afraid of everything (including her own shadow). The range of animal life that I see on a daily basis is amazing. When I think hard about it part of me kind of wishes I had taken up biology or veterinary science. Once I graduate Seton Hill I would love to do something National Geographic oriented with my Journalism degree.

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