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It's all gone to the Goats...

As I mentioned in my previous entry I work on a farm at a dog kennel. This is my second summer there and I really can't complain about too much. I wake up at 6am, leave my house by 6:10 and arrive at work by 6:30-4pm depending on traffic out of the city. There is always a story worth telling by 6pm at the work day's end. I work in "farm country" and today while traveling down Allen Rd. I noticed the most interesting thing I had seen in a while...a goat farm. I kid you not.

I guess it had never occured to me to look to my immediate left when driving this route in the past. I do recall seeing one or two occassional goats there before, but today I saw at least 25. Some were young and some old, some brown, white and even spotted. I felt so inclined as to pull my car over to the side of the road in order to get a better look andd to snap a few shots (ps: photography is my new obsession).


The goat farm sits on a rather standard amount of property. There is a main house and an adjacent barn, and then there is a large fenced in 'goat zone'. In the center of this goat inhabbited area is what I can only call a 'goat playground.' It is composed a 2 ladders, one on the right and one on the left. In the middle is a large spool (like the kind larger electric cable is wrapped around).

This entire contraption is made of wood and even had a roof. You can tell that these goats have a caring and considerate owner. I wonder about some of them though. There is this one lone goat, a white one, that is always under roof in what I like to refer to as the clubhouse portion. I also like to think of him as the look out. Animals are so neat in the way that they have their very own personalities. Maybe that little goat is just trying to get out of the sun, but then again maybe he feels superior to the others when he is on higher ground. I guess I'll never know.


A better look at the goat playground. It seems slightly blurred but I think you get what I am talking about. Oh the farmers of MD what will you think of next.

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