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If I had any luck I'd have no luck...

Well I am officially the stupidest person on the face of the earth as of 6:35am today. I have wrecked my car to a point which we (My family and I) feel has no return. I am without transportation due to the major rain storm that we had last night. This morning I thought nothing of the previous night's weather, but while traveling my usual route to work I ran into about 3ft of flooding on a road ironically named Lake Street.

I had seen other cars going through the stagnant water and assumed if I took it slow I would also prevail. Boy was I wrong! I got about to the middle of the road and I could not go any further. The engine cut off and I was left stranded. Quickly the car began to fill with water at the bottoms of the doors. Within ten mintues my car had water up to the cup holders. The entire front and back seats were covered. Not to mention I had a flooded engine, gas tank and oil pan. My car would not start and I was sitting in it freaking out. I called my Dad to come and help me out because I was only 4 miles from my house. Needless to say he was not pleased.

Suprisingly enough right after I had gotten off the phone with my highly displeased Dad, a car pulled up next to me that also appeared to be stuck. I rolled my window down and the other vehicle mimicked my action. I could not believe it, but I was staring over at a familiar face...Doug Martin. I had gone to high-school with him and we had some of the same friends. I say I knew him fairly well but not enough to keep in touch after our graduation on June 1st of last year. He had given me a ride home a few times before I had my license and now here we were, both in the same predicament.

"My car is filling up with water," Doug screamed at me across the lane.
"Mine is full! I don't know what to do," I responded.

Doug instructed me to put my car in N, (neutral) and we could try to push it out of the water. We decided to push his car backwards first before attempting to move my water logged submarine of a Ford. We got Doug's car back out of the water and began to push my car forward through the waves when my Dad arrived and helped us get the car to a nearby parking lot. Needless to say I am in a heap of shit with my parents for wreckless driving, I was late for work, and now my car might have so much damage it may need to be totalled. If we total the car I have to produce the funds for a new one.

This is a task that would have a huge affect on whether or not I come back to Seton Hill. I have to save $2,000 for my tuition and if I have to buy this car then I am fucked. The only thing that I know for sure is that an insurance adjuster is coming sometime between the 11th and the 14th to check out the situation. I am not jumping to any conclusions.

I did take pictures but I have not posted them yet. Later this week I will have them up on the blog.

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Ouch... my heart goes out to you, Leslie.


Thank you Dr.Jerz. I should know some more this week about the car. They just towed it from my house today and I am still not mobile. Not to mention the fact that I was bitten by a dog at work on Monday and I have a puncture wound in my hand. This week is not going too well.

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