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The little things are often treasures...

I have been going through the pictures on my phone and trying to pick certain ones that tell a story or that I just think would be neat to blog on. I sometimes like to put pictures on my blog rather than long wordy entries. It just fits better when you have a visual to explain it all. At work I took this shot very quickly. It is of a baby frog that we found in one of the kennels. I had never seen one this small before and in order to show its actual size I placed my hand next to it to show the difference in scale.


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Awwww... such a cute little froggy!

Anyway, how's your summer going? Working at a dog kennel sounds like a pretty cool job. (then again, I love dogs, so I might be biased).


Evan, it is so good to hear from you. Can't wait to go back to school. I hate being away from everyone and SHU. What are you up to? I love dogs and cats so my job is great.

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