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Halloween not too far...

What am I going to be for Halloween? This is a question that plagues me daily right now. I know itís nothing life changing, but hey itís something that is currently worrying me. I am really up in the air about this one. The other day I went to Wal-Mart and took a gander at some of the costumes. I remember last year myself and a friend went out the night of the Halloween Dance at SHU and got costumes. Literally like 2 hours prior to the dance. I don't want to be that last minute shopper this year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I am leaning towards...
It was suggested that I go as a superhero...

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I'll loan you one of my shirts, if you like. The glasses I can't spare.

hey lady! how are you? what if you go as Dr. Jerz-as-a-superhero? Then you can't possibly go wrong!!! Don't forget the cape!


I'm pretty sure I am going to need to find a fanny pack before this can continue.

I think I have one in my house that you can borrow leslie. You'll also have to suddenly grow a beard (or does he shave this semester--its so hard to tell anymore) and curlyish hair.

yes, curlyish, i'm an English major--im allowed to make up words as I go along.


It's only September 12- you've got time. Then again, the Dr. Jerz costume is pretty complex. You might need the entire month to get it just right.

Once again, Leslie, you have made my day. Keep the Jerz-ees coming.


Any help with this costume would be amazing lol. He is such a complex character to play with all the Jerzish traits I have to master.

PS. Chris I love the term Jerz-ees. You just made blog history. I shall call them that from now on.

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