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Peer Profile: Elyse Branam

Elyse Branam is a freshman soccer player at Seton Hill University, originally from Somerset, Pennsylvania. Though school has not been in session for long Elyse has already made quite a mark here at SHU with both students and faculty. When asked about his opinion of Branam, head women’s soccer coach John Fogle described her as being a very hard worker on and off the field.

“She has a tremendous work ethic that can’t go unnoticed,” declared Fogle.

Despite Elyse’s seemingly easy transition from college to high school there were still some things that surprised her about this new life away from home. One of the biggest things that Elyse had to deal with when coming to Seton Hill University(SHU) was the increase in members of the study body compared to her high school.

Branam said, “It’s strange for me to walk around and see new faces every day.”

Elyse admitted that she enjoys college and the opportunities to meet new people but the first couple of days here were somewhat rough for her.

She said, “Teachers just expect more from you here and I felt overwhelmed.”

The obstacles of college life were overcome quickly as Branam resorted back to her family, the one thing that she knew she could count on. One of her biggest assets is that she is joined at Seton Hill by her brother Chance Branam, a senior.

Elyse said, “Having Chance here at school has been really great because he is a constant reminder of home.”

Elyse credits her mother as being one of her biggest supporters in as well and states that she has always tried to live by her examples. She used her mother’s inspiration in helping to get through those first few tough days at school. Elyse later mentioned that her teammates on the women’s soccer team have also facilitated the transition into college.

“They are extended family to me now,” Branam said, “like 20 sisters that I never knew I would have.”

Elyse credits the team to helping her become more socially involved with the rest of the students on campus. Her teammates already have tremendous amounts of respect for her, according to Lauren Ayer a senior and team captain.

“She can move the ball just as well or better than any upperclassmen. You can’t deny when someone has skills,” said Ayer.

Branam is off to a great start at Seton Hill and hopes to have fun as well as grow through out the next few years. In regard to the overall college experience Elyse believes that the best part is indeed the independence that you feel once you are on your own.

Her advice for next year’s freshman is to be open to experience new things and to have confidence in your abilities to make friends as well as achieve your goals.

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