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De Chantal opens with a bang...Spot News

Seton Hill’s campus has been steadily growing and expanding immensely over the past two years. Due to the addition of the school’s first football team and the increase in the number of on campus residents a need for more dormitories became an issue last year. As spring semester began, so did the construction of a new dormitory located behind Farrell Hall. The dorm was completed in early August and on Monday September 12 was dedicated and named De Chantal.

Students that could not obtain rooms in Maura or Farrell Hall were left with no other option but to live in the new dormitory. According to some De Chantal residents there was initially weariness about living in the dorm. Sophomore resident Ashley Harris, who was present at the dorm’s opening, originally expressed skepticism about paying extra money to live in De Chantal.

“I was told that De Chantal was going to be a direct replica of Farrell and under that pretense I wondered if paying extra money to live there was worth it.” Harris continued, “Now that I’ve moved in I can see why the board is higher. The building and its facilities are simply a lot nicer than Farrell’s.”

There are still some minor adjustments and construction that have yet to be done within De Chantal and are scheduled to be completed by the spring semester. Currently the building is only occupied by half of its total residential capacity. De Chantal can house 140 upperclassmen students compared to a mere 113 in Farrell.

Resident Assistant Melissa Whiteman believes that De Chantal will be full by spring.

Whiteman said, “With the addition of transfer students, residents beginning school in the spring rather than fall, and the inevitable roommate switches the dorm will be full in no time.”

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