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Ch3-5: Elements of Journalism...

After Prof. Jerz’s fake pop quiz in class today (which I would have inevitably failed) I decided to read the assigned text as soon as I got a free moment tonight. I did see a lot of what was on the in class quiz. The book we are currently reading selections from is a book entitled The Elements of Journalism. Hence the book talks about and elaborates on what other than ‘the elements of journalism’…a key thing to know if you are journalism major like me.

I was surprised to read in Chapter 3 that journalism (as a career) has become much more about making money. Reporters now spend 1/3 of their time dealing with business matters rather than those of actual journalism. Don't get me wrong...I'm all about making money but I don't want it to be the center of my world. I want to be able to goto my job every single day and be happy no matter if I am making $5 or $15 an hour. I understand that in the world business plays a large part in our lives, but I'm not sure it really should. People become consumed with the idea of success and money making and it corrupts them in the end. Thats just how I feel about it.

I also learned that Journalism’s first loyalty is to the citizens and that journalists must seek out a clear truth for the people. A journalist is allied with the public and acts as their media source. The job is one that needs to be seen as a duty to society. Serving the audience is the number one goal.

A similar surprised sentiment about the evolution of Journalism into a completely business like vocation was echoed by Jay Pugh in his blog entry on Chapters 3-5, The Elements of Journalism.

Jay wrote that, "Although I understand that journalism is a business, it still frustrates me that it has become as much of a business as it is a love for writing, entertaining, and informing the people."

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Short time reader, first time commenter, long time admirer. I love the little pokes you put in, no matter what you are writing about. Before Dr. Jerz scorns me for not being on subject, I wanted to comment on the idea of how much of a business journalism has become. I also think its amazing that these people spend so much time working on business, instead of their writing capabilities.

One more thing to add, I have a blog too! lol. Check it out when you get a chance.

Lou Gagliardi:

Long time reader, long time commentor, fellow jerz-maker-fun-of..er?

It is amazing how much of a business journalism has become..but I have to say, welcome to the 21st Century.

Everything has become a business--SHU, hospitals and now the media.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Lou that is the sad truth. Everything in the world has become about making money...$$$$

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