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Spot News; Communicator; Setonian...Analysis

1) The Communicator article was very short compared to mine and the one featured in the Setonian. It took up a small column on the right side of the page. The article is not very detailed and includes things like 'modern living spaces' and 'fast and efficient internet service.' I wasn't too sure about the incorporation of that last statement. I mean aren't all the dorms supposed to supplying students with that type of internet access. People that live in the dorm tell me it is modern yes, but the internet is sometimes even slower than their previous dorm's connections. I was surprised to see that the article included only one direct quote and it was from the blessing of the building by Fr. Stephen Honeygosky. Below the article (still on the right side of the page) is a brief biographical profile of Sr.De Chantal Leis, the nun who the dorm was named after.

2) My article was included a general information about the dorm's construction and completion. I also made sure that I had quotes from a student, RA and Dr.Robin Illsley because I wanted three different levels of the SHU community to somment on the opening of De Chantal Hall. I think if I would have had more time on this assignment I would have chosen a different angle to report on. I basically told about the new dorm and student reaction when in actuality my article needed to be more about the opening ceremony and dedication of the Hall. I wasz shooting for brevity with my article but I think that was not a good idea in retrospect because it left me weak when it came to actual content. I also noticed that my article topic shifted about mid-way through with the quote by Ashley Harris.

3) The Setonian's article was in my opinion the best coverage of the opening and dedication of De Chantal Hall. The Setonian's article was generally more informative than the other two. Rather than creating a separate section of the article to profile Sr.De Chantal Leis, the entire begining of the article focuses on her life and times. It is almost like a timeline/sequnece of events. The mention of the dorm's blessing is very similar to the one in The Communicator. They ended the article with two students quotes about living in the new dorm. I felt that my article was most closely similar to the one featured in the Setonian rather than The Communicator.

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