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This is the second installment of my Blog Portfolio for 2005 Fall Semester: EL277 News Writing. For those of you that did not follow my Blog the prior to now I will give you a brief exposition about me. My name is Leslie Rodriguez and welcome to my weblog sponsored by Movable Type. I am a sophomore at Seton Hill University and as part of my EL 227 class and the New Media Journalism program I write and respond with blog entries on various topics.

These entries are then posted for public view on my blog. This entry acts as an introduction to my blog portfolio which includes selected entries that reflect on our in class discussions, published news articles and various texts that Dr.Jerz has assigned. The following topics will be examined and discussed in my blog portfolio:

The Collection
My best blog entries that demonstrate intellectual growth.
Entries are categorized accordingly.

Class Required Blog Topics (including the texts):
Coverage & Depth-For a coverage/depth entry I chose a blog entry that relfected back upon the reading I did for Ch 7 in The Elements of Journalism. I discuss the public forum and the weight the people's opinion has on the coverage of the news.

Depth #2-In this entry I discuss in depth,the October 11th issue of the Tribune Review newspaper. I wrote about a man that was missing for a week and found dead in a river. He had accidentally drowned. I also wrote about the layout of the article on the page of the Local section. Johanna Dreyfuss commented on this entry and the difficulty in obtaining a copy of the paper for this day.

Interaction & Discussion
-For this blog portfolio requirement I felt that my entry on the Oct.11th Tribune Review fit quite nicely. There was a great discussion carried on amongst me and several of my coursemated regarding the most important part of the newpaper and whether it was the local section or not.

Timeliness-In this entry I blogged about the AP Guide to News Writing chapters 5-7. I took a close look at the practice of Journalese, as well as the tone behind selected words used in news writing. I referenced Jay Pugh's entry on the word SAID, when responding to Chapter 7.

1099856782_753434461.gifThe Comment Primo-I was the first person to leave a comment on the blog entry of Ashley Welker that was the actual post of her Morgan Spurlock article. She wrote a very well put together article and instead of just commenting on it, I compared her style and methods of reporting to my own.

The Comment Grande
-I commented on Jason Pugh's blog and noted my own lengthy observations about the use of the word SAID by journalists. I listed my own preconceptions about this golden rule and elaborated on how I feel about using it now. I also went through a list of connotations associated with words like 'declared and pointed out'.

The Comment Informative
-I commented on Valerie Masciarelli's blog and noted my own experience from last year in EL 236: Writing for the Internet. I commented about the use of brevity when writing news articles both in print and online. I also wrote briefly about the attention span of the American people.

The Link Gracious-In this blog entry I discussed CH 6 from The Elements of Journalism the idea of investigative reporting and the three categories that it breaks down into. At the end of the entry I included a link to Elyse Branam's entry on a similar topic and made reference to it. I also disagreed with a statement Elyse made in her entry about the upbeat nature of reporting on investigations.

Other Entries:
1098291343_813882850.gifWildcard-I decided to include this very short blog entry under this category for submission. The entry is no more than two lines but I really feel like the picture makes the entry. It is a nice way to say a lot without using a bunch of words that the reader may forget later.

Chapter 8: The Elements of Journalism
Chapters 9-10: The Elements of Journalism

Blogged Class Articles:
Homecoming Article on Student Feud Cancellation
Morgan Spurlock Lecture Article

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