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Homecoming Article

S.H.U Cancels Family Day Game Show

Seton Hill University’s (SHU) homecoming began Thursday Sept., 29th with a bonfire and pep rally and ended Sunday Oct., 2nd. The much anticipated homecoming event, the Student Feud was cancelled late Saturday night around 11 p.m. after the head of Student Activities and Commuter Life, Jaimie Steel, was contacted by the feud’s booking agent. The show was cancelled due to the theft of Preferred Entertainment, (the feud company) laptop computer Friday night at another college campus. The computer featured the Student Feud software program.

Steel was told by the booking agent that the program the runs the game on this laptop costs $5,000 and will not be easy to replace right away. Steel speculates that the computer program may not have been insured because of constant travel from one school to another and the very prevalent risk of theft. She expressed her understanding for Preferred Entertainment’s predicament and eventual cancellation of the feud.

“It is sometimes hard to get insurance for those types of things. Plus it was short notice for them to just go out and get another program and computer the day before they were coming up to Seton Hill,” Steel said.

The Student Feud homecoming event was one that many faculty members, families, students and alumnae looked forward to attending. Sunday, was a day specifically designated as Family Day at SHU. On this day there were supposed to be various family oriented events including a carnival on Sullivan lawn as well as the Student Feud game show. The feud was to be located in front of the newly constructed McKenna Recreational Center at 1 p.m.

The Student Feud is a family feud style game show that places five players on each team. The teams respond to survey questions and compete against one another. There was to be a judge, an audience and a host for this event. According to Jaimie Steel, there was no pre-registry for the event even though Preferred Entertainment usually requires that participants sign up in advance. Instead, SHU requested not to require a pre-registry for the program because of the lack of success they have had in the past with turn outs dependent on pre-registered participants.

SHU anticipated that the turnout for the Student Feud would be composed largely of people that attended the Family Day carnival located near by on Sullivan lawn. People filtering out from the Family Day brunch were also expected to attend.

There was some discrepancy about the cancellation of the feud on Sunday at around 1 p.m., it’s scheduled start time. Several families were wandering on Sullivan lawn asking about where the feud was located and even investigated Sullivan gymnasium, the feud’s rain location. Beth Zapola, a participant in family day was shocked and disappointed when she and her family could not locate the feud.

“We all got ready early and wanted to play the feud game. When we arrived at Sullivan there was no one around. Not even in the gym upstairs. I never heard anything about it being cancelled and neither did my parents who were at school all weekend. It was a bummer,” said Zapola.

Parents registering for family day on Sunday were in fact notified at registration of the event’s cancellation and there were several signs posted down by the Lowe dining hall. Jaimie Steel claims she was also in the vicinity of the feud game at 1:00pm in order to direct lost or confused parents that may have been wondering what had happened to the event. George Brattina heard about the feud’s cancellation by chance in a passing conversation with Kathy Fajt of Student Services.

“I was on my way to the game and she (Kathy Fayt) told me it had been cancelled because their computer was stolen. I had been looking forward to playing the game,” said Brattina.

SHU has hosted other game shows on campus in the past and hopes that some day the feud can come to the campus. Though the game did not occur, Laura Stracko, who invited her family to school on Sunday didn’t feel disappointed about it’s cancellation at all.

Stracko said, “The game would have been fun, but the important thing is that I got to spend the day with my family.”

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