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Tribune Review: Oct. 11th Edition

Ok first of all let me say that it was hell tracking down a copy of this paper on campus today. When I went down to the dining hall to check for the usual stack of papers the pile was non-existent. Apparently the paper was not delivered today, which is what I later found out from both Jay Pugh and Ashley Welker. It was not until 12:00am that I was lucky enough to get a copy of the paper from Katie Aikins.

The article entitled, "Missing man's body found in river" was one that I found interesting and informative. I chose to write a response about this article because it is referring to a Greensburg man. Local news is the news that a majority of people care about. I mean come on, everyone wants to know whats happening in their own backyards. I thought the layout of this article was very unique in the sense that it was placed on the lower right side of the paper and included two images with it.

One picture was a small head shot of the drowning victim and the other was a much larger picture shot from behind of two friends leaving the scene of his body. I wondered if the low placement of the article on the page had to deal with the subject matter or just the need of the paper to fit it into a particular space.

I really thought the end of this article was playing in on that whole touching the human emotion kind of news writing. The final paragraph describes the victim's father visiting where the body was found and his state of shock. There is also mention of the death's effect on the community. If I had to label this article I would say that it is somewhat invesigative reporting on an investigation that took place. The police figured out what happened and now the reporter is feeding that back to the public.

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I went crazy trying to find a paper too! And since I don't have a car, I couldn't drive off campus to get one. But, Katie Lambert was nice and let me read hers =)

Leslie Rodriguez:

I guess thats what friends are for. =)

Aright later in the day I was telling my friend that we had to get a paper and because they weren't any here I had to go off campus and buy one. She told me that she saw some in Lynch. So I walked over there and sure enough the stack that is supposed to go outside the cafeteria was in lynch instead. I took as many as I could and carried them over to outside the cafeteria. This was like at 4, and when I came back for dinner at 530 they were gone. But to your response Leslie where you said people want to read local news. To me that is not entirely true. Personally I enjoy reading the newspaper for the sate, national, and world news and then for local news, unless a local headline jumps out at me like "Serial Killer Loose in Greensburg" then I focus on world and national news first because to me that is more important to understanding how the world works. And then i branch down into the microcosm of local news. Also by the way i am excited to see your article tomorrow in the Setonian.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Thanks for taking it upon yourself to carry those papers over to the caf, it was a wonderful gesture.

In regard to your post: Yes Ashley, it is important to be connected to the news of the world but local events to carry quite a bit of merrit as well. I think that often times the local section of the paper is put down or even scoffed at as being not as newsworthy...does that make sense? Some people feel that local news is something you can get by going out to a kids baseball game and talking with parents. Honestly there is an important basis in the local news.

I think that local news is probably the most important news to be found in print journalism, because you are much less likely to find it online.

World and national news, on the other hand, is easy to find online, thus I think it should not be as prevalent in printed publications.

Lou Gagliardi:


I've lived in Greensburg my entire 22 years of existance. I just read the Trib BECAUSE OF THE LOCAL NEWS. If I wanted to hear about "Bombing in Iraq" I'd go to abcnews.com or news.yahoo.com.

You forget, you people come from areas where international news, and state news is THE news--here in good ole Greensburg, Pennsylvania local news--sports, happenins, people getting fired/hired--for a local greensburger (greensburgian?) THAT is THE news.

and like chris said, I could just go online and raed the international shtuff.

Leslie Rodriguez:

When you think about it, local newspapers have really built up the country through out history. I am reminded of the wild West scene of a one horse town that has a small but adequate newspaper. It seems like even then the importance of local news was quite great.

Lou Gagliardi:

"Missing man's body found in river"

That article, and i know this like two months ago, but this article was important to me because it was my friend Jimmy Cook (RIP)

Lou Gagliardi:

"Missing man's body found in river" was important to me because it was my friend jimmy.

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