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Chapter 9-10: The Elements of Journalism

-Make the news Comprehensive and Proportional-
Journalists should make the news in proportion and keep it comprehensive (understandable) for the masses. I enjoyed the analogy in this section that compared journalism to a modern day form of cartography because the news is like a map for the people. Another important part of this chapter was the idea of diversity in the news in order to appeal to the different members of your audience. As a reporter/writer we need to be able to reach all communities and not target one more than another. It was very interesting to learn that with every newspaper sold that is actually a loss of money for the paper and that most of the paper's profit comes from advertising. Newspapers are also constantly competing for people's precious time.

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I think that goes with what we were saying in class the other day, about papers competing over covering a certain region. With a wider area to cover, the more chance there is of getting advertisements.

But with the more coverage comes more readers of different backgrounds, and so the newspapers need to adjust their topics to what is happening within that area. Unfortunately, that leads to things that seem of lesser importance being left out--like Seton Hill sports as Lou pointed out with his editorial.

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