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The Old College Try...

I was online looking up some journals for a project that I am doing for my Western Cultural Tradition (WCT) class when I came across this article that related strongly to what we talked about in my EL227 class regarding women's colleges. I laughed after I thought to post it on here because that is such a Jerz thing to do. Anyway, it is a really interesting article and it mentions the closing of Marymount College which is particularly of interest to me.

I had a friend in high school that I played soccer with and she was very close to going to the school, but then chose Towson instead and didn't play any sport. I began to speculate what she would have had to go through now that the school closed. The article link is posted below.

The Old College Try...(The Journal News)

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Leslie, after I saw Fuddy Meers, I immediately thought, "Hey, Millet (sp?) reminds me of Jerz."

Hehe. The puppet is sorta like Jerz's PDA.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Wow, I saw that as well. Chris you are hilarious. This has made my day. I woke up this morning sicker than the other day. Jerz is Millet, Millet is Jerz. Inky Binky is the PDA...lol!!!


Leslie, you are funny and a good writer, too! Your blog brightened my day. Whenever I'm feeling discouraged, I'll visit it.

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