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Crime Article Lab Reflection...

Today in the scheduled Friday News Writing lab we were given a very difficult and challenging assignment. I do think that it was helpful in writing on the spot news stories, but I felt like the premise for why we were writing the article was very juvenile. "Imagine that one of your fellow reporters went crazy and you have been asked to read through his notes in order to finish writing a story that he began." Well first of all I am thinking, 'ok Jerz is going to give us a copy of these notes and then let us write for the 2hrs we have this lab.'

It turned out to be him reading through the notes once and us taking notes. Then ten minutes later he read through them again for the class at a more than rapid pace. I felt as if he was almost trying to make it more difficult than it needed to be. Then he says 'you now have the next 30 minutes to write a crime report.'By this point I had enough information to write a very basic article that addressed the main facts and only those. I did not include any quotations in my article and I wish I would have done that part differently. I worked my ass off writing what I thought was my best work considering the context of the situation and then at the end of the class Jerz tells us all that it is worth 0 (zero,cero,nill) points.

Initially I was kind of pissed off about the entire thing. I was thinking that I had worked so hard at trying to make this article worth while that I deserved a good grade on it. Then I began to think about what if Jerz had graded it and not liked the way I wrote it. So in retrospect I think it was a pretty dirty trick, but I am greatful that I don't need to worry about a low letter grade on the assignment. I wonder what Jerz's expectations were for the article? And how many of us in the class were really close to meeting them?

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I certainly didn't wake up that morning intending to be annoying. But thanks for the feedback.

Real learning often requires pushing both the student and the instructor out of their comfort zones, and that's often a vulnerable place to be.

Just because it was worth zero points doesn't mean the exercise wasn't valuable!

Leslie Rodriguez:

Let me clarify:

I wasn't trying to say that I saw the exercise as not being valuable, but rather that I did not enjoy it personally. I'm sorry if that was of any offense to you Dr.Jerz. I was simply being honest.

I didn't take your comment as being offensive at all, Leslie! I probbably should have added an emoticon to that comment to indicate my attitude.

P.S. :)

Leslie Rodriguez:

*breathes a sigh of relief* =)

I'm glad you weren't mad. I went through about a 2hr freak out. lol.

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