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It Ain't Necessarily So...Ch 10-Conclusion...

The Danger of Hedgehog reporting...ok so I opened up this chapter (10) and didn't know what to think by the title. After reading the chapter and looking at the blog of Katie Lambert, the ideas presented in this section were much more clear.

I think that I would like to take the rest of this entry to reflect not on the chapters 10-conclusion but rather my feelings on the book as a whole. Although it has been mentioned a million times on other people's blogs, I will say it again (no pun intended)...THIS BOOKS IS SOOOO REPETITIVE!! I also think that it was at times boring and somewhat overwhelming the way the authors would just throw these statistics at you and then move on to another topic in the same chapter very rapidly. In defense of the repetition...I think that it does demonstrate evidence that we can't necessarily trust everything we read if all these different occurences are yielding the same misleading information. Point well taken.

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