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Presentation Reflection: Jenna O'Brocto...Chapter 4

I really enjoyed Jenna's presentation today in News Writing class on We the Media: CH 4. It sparked a very lively discussion that I feel could have gone on for another hour at least. In regard to the idea of print journalism being more reliable than online journalism I think you need to be very careful when defining online journalism. Is it, blogging, actual online articles, or even some news tid-bit leaked onto a message board? I am personally a large advocate for online journalism. I agreed with Evan Reynolds on most of the points he made today.

I went on Jenna's blog and looked up the celebrity blogs once I had a chance tonight and particulary found interest in reading the Anna Kournikova blog (which Dr. Jerz expressed a personal interest in as well). The funny thing is that I would bet money on the fact that she doesn't write any of her own entries on there. She likely pays a PR person to put a lot of BS together and call it her own words. Reading the most recent entry felt almost insulting. It was terse, rehearsed and primarily a self-promotion. Many companies, act in the same way with their blogs as Jenna pointed out. Joe Schmoe can get on a blog and use a pseudonym in order to promote his own product, for example the Ford Mustang.

In my final thoughts I would like to adress a comment that Jenna made in class that I found very interesting though it does not relate too closely to the presentation or the text. I liked how she used the word ADULTS when refering to the people that maintained the Admissions blog before she took over the task this year. She said something to the effect of (forgive me I'm paraphrasing) "The people the maintained the blog were adults, not students like us." Well this brought some very intriguing ideas to mind. Aren't we all technically adults by the law at the age of 18? What really constitutes an adult though? I began to think about it, and even though most of the people in our class are 18-and up we still might not think of ourselves as adults. Just something to pontificate...

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Jenna O'Brocto:

Thank you Leslie. I am really happy you were able to take something from the presentation. I also wanted to commend you on your blog. I try to look at everyone's as much as I can, but we have a really big class. I can tell you put a great deal of effort into your blogs, and your coverage of every chapter is very interesting and thorough.

Personal interest? I think it was more like shock, since I had the same suspicions that you have voiced here. I can see why a celebrity who is a comedian or writer would want a blog, but Ms. Kournikova is famous for other reasons than her communication ability.

Leslie Rodrgiuez:

Perhaps personal interest was the wrong wording for what I was trying to express. But yes, I was shocked as were you, Dr.Jerz. She is not famous for her communication ability or her tennis ability. What is left? Hmmm, let me think.

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