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We the Media: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Consent Of The Governed
This chapter of We the Media has a lot to do with political blogs, the influence of blogs on politics and the government in relation to journalism. In 2004, Ben Chandler won an election because of blogs. He advertised and fundraised on 10 top political blogs and reached a much wider audience that even spanned outside of his district of possible jurisdiction. One blog that was particularly instrumental in this win for Chandler was The Daily Kos which is run by Markos Moulistas Zuniga. Chandler advertised on blogs through a private ad company called BlogAds for $2,000. He generated $80,000 in donations from this and if that doesn't act as an advocte for the use of blogs in politics I don't know what does.

Just as emergent tools of journalism are giving business' new ways to organize and market, they are also transforming political life into a feedback loop among the leaders and the people. In regard to civic activity; technology makes politics available to not only the elite rich people of the world, but everyone. I generally hate writing about anything political because that is one area that I tend to keep my mouth shut. I hate that no matter what I say, someone is going to disagree with it and tell me I'm wrong. I'd honestly rather pretend to be apathetic and when someone says something really ignorant I might chime in. Back from the ranting sidebar; the 2004 election was greatly effected by blogs.

Howard Dean was by far the most influenced by blogging during the 04' election. Pro-Dean bloggers were so vocal that Dean soon setup his own political campaign blog as well as his own website. The blog and site were both used to fund-raise and urged people to contribute small amounts $20 and up. This is something that I can see a lot of politicians doing in the future because it reaches such a massive audience and after a while all those $20 bills add up!

Links from the chapter:
Generation Text - Explains the term Generation Text.
MoveOn.Org - One of the most powerful political blogs on the net.
Earth 911 - Making everday earthday..enough said.
Joi Ito - A pretty cool blogger.

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