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We the Media: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Here Come the Judges
Gillmor really gets in depth with issues concering media law in this chapter (10) and that is a subject that was very new to me. I know a little bit about libel and slander in regard to news writing and print journalism, but I was unclear on those laws in the world of websites and blogs known as the Internet. Gillmor discussed the case of Brock Meeks, an avid blogger that recognized the Internet as a journalism tool. He was also the first internet journalist sued for libel.

Copyright, linking, jurisdiction and liability for what you or other people say on your website/blog are all important media law issues. Matt Drudge, a blogger/writer was sued for defemation of character, but his case made a great advancement in online journalism. Drudge apologized for the mis-representation and a was still prosecuted. Personally I don't think he should have been sued after he apologized. He made a mistake and all I can say is that just means he is human (everyone makes mistakes in life). Drudge wasn't defaming someone purposefully.

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