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Something to do on your blog...

I was just rebuilding my blog and going back through the comments tonight when I stumbled upon the section of Movable Type where the comments are all listed. Well as it turns out some of them (the comments) were pending my approval. So I read through all my comments and there were about 20 new ones added to my blog from people that I simply don't know. I am honestly amazed at some of the things that they were posting, not because they were lude or vulgar (which they weren't at all) but rather because they were interacting with me in such a great way.

Several students wanted my help interpreting Shakespeare's sonnets, one girl from Canada wanted to know if I knew the origin of the word fanny pack, another girl said she was going to wear a fanny pack to school and record her peer's reactions and give them to me at a later date. I feel weird sometimes when things like this happen. I began to think about what we had talked about in News Writing (EL227) about credibility and people going online and using blogs as credible sources. These commenters wanted my knowledge and 'expertise' on something that I wasn't an expert on...ie Shakespeare & Fanny Packs. Really makes you think. If you have had a blog for a while and haven't ever checked out the comment section of the Movable Type layout, I highly reccomend it and suggest doing it. You might stumble upone some really great stuff.

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