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A Christmas Gift For...Me

Well according to my friends and family I am rather difficult to shop for when these pesky holidays roll around. Lucky for them this year I made a small list of things to buy. Mind you, without this list they would be a bit lost when trying to decide between Mean Girls and Serenity for a DVD choice (for the record that would be Serenity). I think the best gift that I have gotten this year so far is the one that I got for myself. I have had the notion of buying a digital camcorder for sometime now and well, Saturday night I decided I would make this happen. I bought one on e-Bay for $132.50 ($157.48 after shipping and insurance fees). I stumbled upon it while just browsing auctions that were about to end. It had 32 minutes left when I found it and was priced at $63.00.

The heading read: NEW 7-In-1 6.6 MP DIGITAL VIDEO CAMCORDER CAMERA MP3/MPEG /1.6 LCD/ PC Camera/ card reader/MP3.

To make a long story short I battled out the last 10 minutes in order to win it and I expect to get it by Wednesday. I was so excited because of the multiple functions it has and the fact that in my field this kind of device can always come in handy, especially the digital camera and voice recorder. I plan on getting a memory expander card for it as soon as it arrive so I can store up to 8 hours of video on it. Also, I need to buy some blank data CDs. This is going to be wonderful and I am so excited (thats the geek inside talking).


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Sounds like a bargain! Congrats!

Leslie Rodriguez:

Its amazing the things you can buy on ebay. Picked up a videogaming book there as well. =)

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