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My Trip to Liberty City

The short movie My Trip to Liberty City (GTA3) was a hilarious look at the thoughts of a character in the game Grand Theft Auto 3. I mean it was not what I was expecting at all. The narrator starts out talking about the infamous Liberty City as if it were a tourist location that was the talk of the travel industry this year. The part that makes this movie funny is the way the character is interpreting his surroundings. He is casually accepting everything in this world him including the strip club across the street and the fact that he was hired as a thug to kill a man with a baseball bat. His leisurely attitude towards the entire situation is a far cry from the real GTA3 character attitudes. The order to kill is completely ignored and we see “a softer side” of this game.

The character “Canadian Tourist” presents the outlook of the classic cock-eyed optimist. Though I’d have to say that I enjoyed the “Attack Mime” the best with his extreme miming abilities. The “Street Priest” was another one that I liked quite a bit. I thought it was quite the change in the end when the character is indeed the priest and takes the dead mans money and runs off because he hears the cops coming. This is the type of action that I remember being associated with GTA3. Note: Has anyone else ever realized if you rearrange GTA you can get GAT (as in the gun). I know I am a goober for saying that one.

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