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Ex 1C: Game Review (Final)

Nate Adams: Freestyle Motocross (FMX)

In Nate Adams: Freestyle Motocross (FMX) gamers play as motocross legend Nate Adams, the 2004 Summer X Games Champion of Freestyle Motocross. This game, published by I-Play brings the excitement and sheer technique involved in motocross to a mobile device. As Adams, players race against the clock to pull off required trick sequences which unlock a total of 21 tracks featuring a variety of dips, hills and ramps.

When I downloaded this game for my LG mobile phone the first thing I thought of was Excite Bike (Nintendo) and how much I loved playing that over and over. Similarly, FMX has a great potential for replayability. Though the game does not differ if you play it multiple times, it still proves fun. I have beaten the game twice since acquiring it earlier this year and found it to be a challenge each time. The levels become progressively more difficult as you advance in the game.

The time requirements for each level are hard to meet unless you land every trick perfectly and don’t wipe out along the way. In order to avoid wiping out and losing valuable time lean forward and backwards to balance the bike on-track and in mid-air. Another way to overcome the harsh time limits is by pulling off tricks to gain nitro boost to give you much bigger air which enables further flight. Landing combinations of tricks will also gain nitro boost to be used when traveling on the ground.


FMX supports play for only one user at a time, but you can race against a computer generated ghost opponent that is modeled after your previously set best times. This is kind of pointless unless you use the race to beat your own record or practice meeting a certain time. The controls for the game are fairly simple. The arrow pad and *, 0, and # keys on your mobile device allow you to do eight of Adams’s signature moves, some of which include the McMentz, Tsunami and the Lazy Boy.

The games graphics are slightly cartoonish, but this doesn’t take away from the overall playing experience being graphically appealing. The game’s sound track and sound effects are a different story. I found them to be rather annoying and I recommend turning off all sound when playing the game to heighten concentration.

If you like extreme sports games that are fun and engaging then I recommend that you try Nate Adams: Freestyle Motocross (FMX) for your mobile device. If you are in search of a more competitive multi player game you are going to have to look elsewhere, because in this game the only person to beat is yourself. Though FMX does bring reminiscence of classic motocross games like Excite Bike, it lacks competitive edge.

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Traveling on the ground? What fun is that!

Great review, Leslie.

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