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Ex 3A: Close Playing (200 words each)

1. September 12

The simulation September 12, created by Kabul Kaboom, was a direct reference about the war on terror that was started after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America. The title of the game, Kabul Kaboom, refers to the mass bombing that took place in Kabul, Afghanistan in response to 9-11's events. The simulation is very unique and starts out with the instructions that there is no way to win or loose, you simply choose to shoot or not shoot. In the begining the simulation starts with very few gun wielding terrorist figures amongst civilians in an on screen representation of Kabul. The mouse cursor has become a scope for a weapon and when the mouse is clicked a bomb is dropped. There is quite an explosion and people die depending on where you aim. After a bomb is dropped, the scope turns red, with what I am assuming is blood to represent those you have just killed. It also becomes a timer until the next time you can bomb again. The way the blood moves around the scope is like a clock and likely signifies twenty four hours. Many of the bombings took place at night and went on at particular times each day and this may be a reference to that detail.

The urgency in which we took actions against Afghanistan is also evident in this simulation. It is titled September 12, which implies that we let no time pass before retaliating. The civilians, dressed in blue are often casualties and when they are killed the sound of mournful crying is played in the background. Then suddenly the kneeling mourners turn into terrorists. I felt this was where the most political message was delivered. The game is simply emphasizing that the more we bomb Kabul, the more the threat level is going to rise and they will hate us. Americans killing innocent people is only going to drive them (the innocents) to join the terrorists because now they are fighting on a united front against America. I think another message that this simulation is trying to get across is that there is no winner in a war, because both sides loose lives (even though this simulation only depicted loss on the Afghani side). The idea here is that fighting and using violence to remedy such a problem will only lead to more violence.

2. Madrid

The simulation, Madrid, created by Kabul Kaboom was one that had a subtle political message that was hard to understand at first. There was a group of people of all ages standing next to one another and holding candles. The object of the simulation was to click on the candles with the mouse and make them brighter. The problem with this objective was that it was impossible. There was no way to keep all the candles shining brightly. At first I did not understand why these people were standing holding candles. They didn’t seem unhappy because they were all smiling, but then again I later got the feeling they might all have been dead, but that is just speculation. Since the premise of Kabul Kaboom’s first simulation was about terrorism, I assumed that somehow this simulation must have been linked to it as well. Each of the people on the screen also had on and “I Love (insert location here)” t-shirt. The one that stood out at first was the shirt that said “I Love Oklahoma” which immediately made me think of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I believe the other places on the shirts may have been linked to bombings as well. The message in this simulation might be about the frequent nature of terror attacks, and how we are having so many so it is hard to keep the memory (represented by the candle) of all these people burning bright. I also associated the candles with light of hope or inspiration of some sort after the bombings occurred.

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You bet, Leslie -- every place on those shirts was connected to a recent act of terrorism.

Didn't it frustrate you that you couldn't keep all the candles lit. Kaboom should make it a multi-player game so maybe we have a chance to win.

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