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Become one with the game...you bet I did...

To begin: An internal monologue:

My name is Lara Croft. I am the desire of every man’s fantasy (ok maybe more than a few lol). I am beautiful, smart, and I can kill you with my bare hands within seconds. I have the ability to leap and do acrobatics in mid air while firing off one of my numerous guns at you. The best part is that I can do it all without getting a wrinkle in my clothes or a hair out of place on my sweet little head. I never worry about breaking a nail either. I am a bad ass bitch ready to take some names and kick some ass.

These were my exact feelings and thoughts when I played Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation tonight when trying to get a feel for the game in order to do my close playing for tomorrow. I love Tomb Raider. I have the games for my Playstation and also have the two Tomb Raider movies starring Angelina Jolie (who is amazing, and if you haven’t seen any of her films I must slap you in a somewhat hard manner on the wrist) as the great Lara Croft. What can I say? I simply cannot get enough of Lady Croft. I suppose I should try and narrow down why exactly I like Croft so much and favor her in comparison to other video game vixens.

A. She is not the bubbly blonde bimbo character that often appears in fighting games. Ex: Tekken 3's Nina Williams. Sure she can kick some ass too, but she is still not breaking any kind of special mold in my opinion. She is actually a bit of a slut. Also, Croft is a brunette and in some of the earlier games, *gasp* a redhead! Who would have thunk it? The goofy redhead becoming such an unquestionable hottie for all to admire. Score one for the non-blondes, but score two for the tormented redheaded step child in all of us.

B. Lara Croft in video games (not movies) succumbs to no man’s mercy. Did you ever pick up on the fact that she is the only women in her games and that she is fighting against men? She also very rarely works with other people. She kills men and does not let them dominate her mentally or physically. She is highly respected by all of her male peers (in the movies) and she does not use her sexuality to advance in the game. Ex: We never see Croft acting in a ‘sexual/provocative manner’ in order to distract the armed guards in the game, they will shoot her just like anyone else. Gender does not matter in this game of life and death.

C. Even though I said above that gender does not matter, I mean that in strict regard to the fact that the enemy will kill her no matter what gender she is. In response to the entire game, gender does matter because there is a female lead in the game (highly unusual at the time of the games release in 1999). This game is incredibly empowering rather than degrading like some feminist critics have said.

This entry kind of plays off some ideas that I am going to try and use in my term paper. Why is it so bad to fantasize about being a big breasted, powerful woman that kicks ass in the name of all that is right with the world?

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