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Portfolio #2: EL 250 (Draft)

This is the second installment of my Blog Portfolio for the 2006 J-Term Semester: EL250 MWG: Video Gaming. For those of you that did not follow my Blog prior to now I will give you a brief exposition about me. My name is Leslie Rodriguez and welcome to my weblog sponsored by Movable Type. I am a sophomore at Seton Hill University and as part of my EL 250 class and the New Media Journalism program I write and respond with blog entries on various topics.

These entries are then posted for public view on my blog. This entry acts as an introduction to my blog portfolio which includes selected entries that reflect on our in class discussions, published news articles and various texts that Dr.Jerz has assigned. The following topics will be examined and discussed in my blog portfolio:

The Collection
My best blog entries that demonstrate intellectual growth.
Entries are categorized accordingly.

Coverage for Assigned Readings on my blog:
Koster, A Theory of Fun - Final Thoughts & CH 9-End- My final thoughts on Koster's book which I really enjoyed. I posted a quote about the human condition as portrayed in games for my agenda item. “The average cartoon does a better job at portraying the human condition than our games do,” (176).

Hayward, 'Videogame Aesthetics'- This blog covers both the assigned reading for Hayward as well as the daily discussion prompt that involved photo-realism in video games. "Ever since I can remember the emphasis has been on photo-realism in “life like” kind of games some of which include the sports, fighting and war genres."

Laurel, Utopian Entrepreneur- In an entry on my blog I went in depth into what I thought about the cynical views of Laurel and why she seemed to be so bitter. She did shed light on a hint of optimism towards the book's end, but overall she responded negatively to all that technology had once created.

Coverage for Discussions/Comments on the class blog:
Video Games as Art- My in depth thoughts on the class blog in response to Ebert's comments about video games. For a man that reviews tons of movies that are all very different he was quite narrow minded about the possibility of video games as an art form on the same level of books and movies.

Aarseth's Game Studies editorial- My comments on the class blog about this editorial focussed on the motivation behind people that study video games for a living. Aarseth's article made it seem like there wasn't really any motivation until just recently. I proposed that studying games would accomplish more than sitting on the couch playing them all day long.

Wong, ''Life after the Video Game Crash''- On the class blog I talked about my own experiences buying the "new system" every time one was put on the market just because it was described as new and innovative. I can see an inevitable video game peak and plummet if this type of behavior continues in the future. Some day we are going to realize we have reached the limit as far as games go.

Laurel; Close Playing; Etc.- My thoughts on the class blog about the discussion prompt that asked us to examine the simulations closer after having completed our first close playing. Acting in the role of a utopian entrepreneur, Kaboom tried to make us (the auidence & players) understand that for every action there is indeed a consequence.

Analyzing Game Studies- My response and reflection on the process of collection reseach in order to prepare for writing the term paper. I offered insight into the fact that you have to sometimes look at things from a broader perspective in order to make your point with limited sources.

Revenge of the Son- On this blog of a former SHU student there was a discussion about teenagers and a possibly unhealthy obsession with video games. One woman said that letting her son play computer video games was the biggest mistake she ever made. I commented with several reasons why I thought a teenager might isolate themselves and find comfort in a video game.

Movie Responses Each is an in depth analysis of the assigned movie that can be found on my personal blog. The Truman Show & The Matrix

Movie Commentary
The Truman Show- On the class blog I offered a definition to the word simulation and a link to the site where I found it.

Simulations in Movies- My response on Kayla's blog about simulations in movies.

The Comment Primo- I began a conversation with Kayla on her blog about simulations in the movies The Matrix and The Truman Show. We found that in each movie the characters responded differently to the conversations and noticed a common thread of someone in higher power trying to play God.

The Comment Grande- I commented on Kayla's blog in response to what Puff had mentioned about the possibility of Koster having interpretted this game as having no meaning, simply patterns. I made the point that this is not a game by the traditional definition of the word and we began a discussion that is still going on. I am returning to her blog frequently to continue the conversation.

The Comment Informative- Here on Evan's blog I posted a few questions about the different interpretations that we can get from watching/playing simulations like Madrid and September 12. All the messages seemed to be linked in their thinking about war and terrorism.

The Link Gracious- I linked to Kayla's blog entry about The Truman Show at the end of my entry and reccomended that people visit her entry for an in depth look at our conversation on simulations.

Wildcard Entry
Wildcard- This entry details my experience when I did my independent close playing on Tomb Raider. I bring up points about how the game made me feel and why I enjoyed it. Also, I touch a little on the topic of my term paper.

Other Blogged Assignments
Beyond the Revision (Final)-My final revision for the Beyond the Review assignment on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Close Playing 1- Response to the simulations "September 12" and "Madrid"

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