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An interesting photo to start the day...

I was thumbing back through some photos I had saved of Rhona Mitra when she did some work as a Tomb Raider model. This one stuck out mostly because of the caption and the whole gun to mouth look she was going for. I always think its fun to look back at the first Croft models (some of which I think were good) and then look at what they chose in the end, Angelina Jolie.


Though now that I think about it, this picture is portraying a very uncharacteristic look for Croft, with her hair down. If you examine the games closely, certain aspects of her "look" never change while others vary slightly. I like to think that Croft isn't trying to be sexy in her actions or appearence, and that she just comes across that way. In the end, her mission is to seek and destroy, not please the observer.


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Comments (4)

"Babe in Toy land," I think in the end her mission is to boost sales.
"I like to think that Croft isn't trying to be sex..." The character's motives and the game designers' mtoives are different, but both controlled by the gamer designers. The game designers want to make her sexy, but for the character to come across as nonchalant and unaware. A woman that loves what she is doing, slinging guns and finding treasure. She's smart and athletic, so both the computer geek and the jock can dream a dream; and that's the game designers' motives.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Couldn't have said it better myself Mr.Puff. I agree that in the end everything that we see about Lady Croft is the product of designers. What is your opinion on the portrayl of Croft's character in the movie versions?

Kayla Lukacs:

I agree with Puff and Leslie both. I think that even though Croft's appearance may vary slightly from game to game she is still the pistol poppin' woman who loves adventure. There is something about TR that makes Croft's appearance in the game not matter, the action packed gameplay. My opinion on the game designers is that maybe they slighty change her appearance in order to grap the attention of those who may not be as into the game as others, or those players who may have lost interest.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Good points Kayla. Croft's appearence does vary slightly, but we can assume that this is just a result of the evolution of her character as well as the evolution of video game technology. I feel like she went from being a woman composed of polygons sharp angles (Tomb Raider I) to an
almost real representation (Tomb Raider Legend).

Though you say it is the "action packed gameplay" that makes Croft's appearence not matter, I believe it could be the fact that it doesn't need to matter within the fictional world of the game. According to Koster, we only play the game for patterns and through memorization. If Croft is wearing booty shorts in the Arctic we simply don't question it.

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