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Ex 6A: Part II (Online Bibliography)

Tomb Raider Links

1. Tomb Raider Entry on Wikipedia- Until reading this entry I did not realize that there were many spinoffs of the game that even included comic books, original novels, and fan-fiction websites. I never thought about writing fan-fiction based on video games, only movies and television shows, but I suppose it makes just as much sense to do it for games too. This entry includes a very nice look at Lara's evolution from Tomb Raider I to the latest version of the game.

2. Official Tomb Raider Game Website- Though you have to have a password and username (which are free) to look at a lot of the things on this site it is still great. It only takes a second to register and is well worth the interactive menus that you will have access to. There are sections about Lara's history as well as the new game Tomb Raider Legend.

3. Genderplay: Sucesses and Failures in Character Designs for Videogames- In this article that was taken from a lecture given at Stanford University, one question brought up was; How many boys would have played Tomb Raider if they really felt that they were somehow taking on a feminine role? Another interesting point is the as we have the male gaze in many films, it is also present in video games. For that reason Croft can often be objectified.

4. Tomb Raider Creators Split from Core Design- I felt this spilt of the original Tomb Raider creators in order to go off and create their own design company was notable. The creator's responded by saying, 'We've enjoyed working with Lara these past seven years but are looking forward to creating something or someone new.'

5. "And why this patch"- A look into why Loren Petrich created the bob Patch which allowed players to edit and create characters that were "non-bimboish and in the style of the original Bobs." Tomb Raider is mentioned as being a game for which a patch was created to play as Lara Croft nude. It brought up some issues about women in gaming and what we want to see and then what we expect to see.

6. Screenshots & Game Walk Throughs - A website that offers original screen captures as well as level by level walk throughs of each of the Tomb Raider games. I found some hints on this site that helped me figure some things out in my playing of the original Tomb Raider.

7. Nude Raider Crackdown- A site that features an article about the Eidos and Core Design crack down on the Nude Raider Patch and sites that are providing it. This deals largely with the Tomb Raider image and the fact that many of her fans are under 18.

8. Is Any Body Out There? Gender, Subjectivity and Identity in Cyberspace- A lecture from The University of England about "quite ‘real’ simulated virtual worlds to explore and three-dimensional adversaries to shoot at." There is a nicely detailed section mid-way down the page after the Tomb Raider screenshot that talks about feminism in the game, or lack there of depending on who you ask.

9. A Look at the Game as a Motion Picture- An article drawing on the similarities between the male gaze in movies and in video games. Here we look at Croft's depiction in movies and the author examines the fact that in both movies Lara Croft, as portrayed by Angelina Jolie is shown nude or partially nude.

10. Needle Point Article- A neat article about a woman who makes needle point designs based on Tomb Raider and Lara Croft. The artist, Becky Schaefer describes herself as a tinkerer, a borrower, a parent and an artist. Pretty cool pictures as well. I guess this shows Tomb Raider can cross over into anything.

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