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Ex 7: Pre-Submission Note

This is a detailed pre-submission note that I am making available for view. I posted a link to this page under the JWEB Pre-Submission Note. I feel this one is a bit more detailed and can address any other questions you may have. The file is available in Word.

Ex 7: Pre-Submission Note

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Your ideas are developing nicely, Leslie. Your online presentation shows you have really expanded beyond your initial goal of presenting Lara Croft as a positive feminist icon. While you may end up still holding that position when you're finished, it's important that you investigate alternative opinions, and even push your preliminary conclusions to the breaking point -- and since feminist thought is deeply divided on the subject of the male idealization of women who enact power the same way men have historically done (that is, through violence), and of course the representation of Lara Croft's digital body itself is worth examination.

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