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Blogging Issues...Seeking Help!

If anyone visits my blog and it looks like the body is up on top of the banner please let me know. I fix it by refreshing the page, but it shouldn't be happening at all. I have just picked up on the problem when I access it from my laptop computer. I don't really know how to fix it either. If you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. I did make a few layout changes to my blog when I was home during J-Term, but on the computer I was using it came up fine. Grrrr. I am really upset because I just got it the way I wanted it to look and now this is happening. I'm calling out for help Karissa, Amanda, Jerz etc. (hint hint)

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Looks just fine to me.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Must be my laptop.

Yeah, seems to be fine to me, also. I'm looking at it in Safari, the browser on my iBook. If you ever want any help in layout or anything, bring it on! I'm happy to help. I love this stuff :-) Even if it makes me a geek.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Thanks so much for your help Jerz & Karissa. I have been working on my older Toshiba Satellite and I guess thats why it came up weird. PS, Karissa, I love being a geek as well, I have embraced it by now.

Leslie, I wonder if maybe your old laptop doesn't have a recent browser installed. If so, then perhaps the stylesheet design layout isn't being rendered properly. There's a real art to getting stylesheets to work on older machines, while at the same time taking advantage of the cool stuff that current browsers let you do.

Leslie Rodriguez:

It is very possible that you are correct. I have had this thing for 6 years. I am using Firefox currently. I never had any display problems until I fiddled with the CSS over the break.

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