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The day has come...I've been published!

All summer I have been trying to get some of my short stories published. Specifically I have been trying to get the controversial dark humor narrative "Santa's Surprise" accepted into mainstream market places. It was just something I initially decided to do in order to keep busy in between working, but it has become an obsession. I wanted to know the feeling of "being established" and I was sure that being published would do that for me. In Publication Workshop, a class which I took this past Spring we basically learned everything about getting published. I have become an e-mail checking hawk and probably check it close to five times daily if time allows for it. Today at 12:30 when I got home for my lunch break there it was; the e-mail I had been waiting for since summer began. Keep in mind that I have already submitted to 33 markets now, gotten 6 rejections because of onverwheling amounts of submissions, and 1 e-mail that said they are currently contemplating holding onto the story for a Holiday Issue. Today I got my first real acceptance e-mail and I was the only one in my house at that moment lol. Alone to bask in my own personal glory. All kidding aside, it feels magical. I copied the e-mail below. In case you were wondering PBW is an Ohio based E-Zine. The description of the writing they accept reads "strange and unpublishable in an above ground sense of writing." If you own the 2006 Edition of the Novel and Short Story Writers Market Guide you can find it under Online Markets on page 328.

From: Rianca@aol.com [Rianca@aol.com] Sent: Tue 6/13/2006 11:35 AM
To: Rodriguez, Leslie A.
Subject: Re: Fiction Submission: "Santa's Surprise"

Dear Leslie,
Thanks for sending your story to PBW. It got here just in time to appear in the June/July issue. I'll be sending you, probably at the end of July, a CD Rom copy, in Adobe Acrobat, which your computer should be able to read. All rights will revert back to you. Hope that's satisfactory.

Dick Freeman

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Congrats! Persistence often brings rewards.

Fab. I'm curious to know what PBW stands for I'll have to look it up. Sounds like a type of beer. A collection of beers stories?

Nah, you're better than that. Enjoy your success 'spring board' to more publications.

Way to be, Leslie. Bask in the glory of print! Definitely link to it if you can. Having read your work, I'm glad to know you got in somewhere.

Hopefully I'm next :)

Leslie Rodriguez:

Thanks for the comments Jerz, Puff and Karissa. Puff, the name PBW stands for nothing as far as I know. It is one of those things that means whatever you think it means. The e-magazine is distributed via disk and consists of about 700 pages (computerized pages) so I can't post a link.

Even though its not "in print" I see this as a way for me to get some street credibility within the fiction world. lol. An experimental e-zine like this falls pretty nicely into my continued exploration of new media journalism/communication/and now fiction.

Karissa, I am sure that your stories will be published. I admired your writing very much in Pub. Workshop and I could tell you really are an experienced writer. Its always a pleasure to share a class with you.

Hey, thanks, Leslie :) Nice of you to say so.

You'll get "printed" some day soon, I'm sure. Till then, bask in the glow of your disked dialogues! Haha.

Congratulations!!! Now you gots street cred, baby. Awesome ;c)

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