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A New Addition To My Life...

Pictured below is the newest addition to my life, it's blue and helpful and I was so excited to get it today. I wanted to hug the DHL delivery driver just for placing it on my door step. Already I am finding so many uses for my palm, not to mention the added bonus of it's games. In keeping with what seems to be a tradition among Palm users, I am currently selecting a name for him. I am open to any suggestions. Ps, from what I hear Palmy is already taken...=)


I am a big fan of the blue color matching my camera. I bought both items on ebay and couldn't be happier, mostly because they are brand new. The PDA was bought by someone that needed it for work but a week after getting it in the mail, his company banned the devices from synching to the network and his need for one was lost. His loss, my gain.

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Palmela? Palmer? Palmolive?

Leslie Rodriguez:

Wonderful suggestions Jerz! I knew I could count on you for some good ones.

Yes, dear Leslie, Palmy is taken... That's my PDA. He's a good lil' guy. And the name is so suiting! I have Palmy, my Palm Pilot, and Lappy, my iBook :-D

You should go for the name that fits best with his/her palmonality (not personality).

And there are a ton of options for free gaming. It's nice. I'm not the biggest gamer, but I enjoy Frogger and Zuma like anyone else...

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