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Sometimes I Don't Want To Work...

Sometimes when I don't want to go to work I call in and tell them that I have penguin fever. In case any of you were wondering I am making this up and being a little kooky right now. This is actually a picture I took this morning in my room. It came out cool and I was sending it to people all day via e-mail and Pix Msg (cell phone) with the caption "I've Got Penguin Fever!" Enjoy.


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Haha, nice. I wish I had penguin fever sometimes... I don't have a day off for another two weeks :(

Leslie Rodriguez:

Karissa I know how you feel. Last summer I worked 6 days a week at the same job I am at now. I used every cent I made to pay part of my tuition. This year I am doing the same thing, luckily I have gotten a raise and don't have to work as many days.

I'm hoping I can cut hours once I'm done with some training. I just moved from the misses' department at JCPenneys over to the jewelry store--which is commission sales. So hopefully I'll that'll help...

Good luck at your job, Leslie.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Retail is a tricky world my friend. I have worked a few horrific jobs in my time, but the past 3 summers I have worked at Pet Palace Dog Kennel, and it has been the best one yet.

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