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Very Bored...Came Up With This...

The Sound Of Music:
(modernized opening scene) By: Leslie Rodriguez

Franz: Yes, sir?

Captain: I was paging the maid and she didn't answer. Do you know why?

Franz: Sometimes she doesn't hear, sir.

Housekeeper: I'm sorry, sir, I was answering my e-mail and my pager was off.

Captain: Why did the last nanny leave?

Housekeeper: Who knows? She just said, "I've had enough of this," and hailed a taxi.

Captain: Why? Was Louisa playing tricks on her again? Sending viruses to her computer?

Housekeeper: She didn't complain of that.

Captain: Well, there's another one coming today. And she can't walk out.

Housekeeper: Oh?

Captain: She's coming from Queens and staying until September.

Housekeeper: I hope you'll stay home for a while sir. Oh yes, and before you arrived there was a call for you from Brooklyn for Franz.

Captain: Well what are you telling me for? Tell Franz! Oh and I hope you know I will be bringing guests back with me when I return in a month.

Housekeeper: Oh? Do you know who and how many?

Captain: Ms. Detweiler and Mr. Schraeder.

Franz: Who was calling me on the telephone?

Housekeeper: It was the the post office, they have a package that they are sending over for you at 7:00pm.

Franz: That gives me 5 hours to be nervous. I think it may be from my cheese of the month club. I am expecting the latest from Wisconsin. Quite exciting.

Housekeeper: With that horrible delivery boy you'll be lucky to get your package. He might eat it.

Franz: Well, thats one thing people are saying-if the Swiss ever take over we'd have a lot more cheese. You know, because the delivery boys wouldn't be so hungry.

Housekeeper: Oh Franz. (ha ha!) Don't let the Captain hear you say that though. You know, he didn't use to tap dance to call us when his wife was alive.

Franz: He's being the Captain of the dance troop again.

Housekeeper: I can't bear being tapped for! It's humiliating...

Franz: In the dance troop back at Chip-N-Dales the boss always tapped for us.

Housekeeper: I wasn't in that dance troop!

Franz: Too bad! You could have made a fortune.

Housekeeper: Oh Franz!

The End

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Oh, wow, Leslie... ;) that's cute, though. I appreciate the Sound of Music when I can get it. Haha.

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