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In chapter one of Philip Seib's book Going Live the idea of going too far with live news is brought up. Sometimes, particularly in regard to television news, the viewer may be exposed to live shocking moments as they are happening. For example the attacks on 911 on the World Trade Center Towers and the Columbine High School shooting were two events captured and immortalized on video. Another issue that was raised in this chapter was the idea of credibility versus being the first newspaper that puts out a particular story.

Is it better to print what you think is accurate in order to be first on the beat, or is it better to wait and verify the story? If you wait then you lose the chance of being the first on the story, but you also gain credibility because it is more likely that you have the actual facts. Leaking a story without checking facts entirely can lead to retractions that discredit news organizations. One important thing that I took away from this chapter is that news today is more of a hot commodity in regard to business than ever before.

There are now even courses at universities that focus on the idea of "Business Journalism" which involves learning the craft of journalism and the fundamentals of business at the same time and relating the two.

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