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Seib Chapter 5...

I agree with Seib that a combination of Internet, TV, and Radio would eventually make for a useful resource. At the current time the internet combines many of these elements already. There are already websites that have radio options as well as television and "live feeds" which are all related. I thought it was interesting that now the personal computer (PC) or desktop is being put into a competitive category with cell phones, PDA, and other communication devices. I am the proud owner of a Palm One, a camera equipped cell phone, a currently de-activated blackberry, and a 6 function video camera. I think it is safe to say that if I wanted to it would not be hard to replace my computer with each of these devices. Not to mention that these are great tools for the spot journalist to break a story through instant messages, blogs, e-mail and picture mail.

The use of these types of communication devices and their connection to the internet is also relatively inexpensive in additon to the normal cell/PDA bills. Many of the claims and points that Seib makes in his book remind me alot of a We the Media, a book by Dan Gilmor. Web sites and e-mail provide a wide range of resources for online journalists as well as print journalists. I use the internet to do a lot of my research each time I write an article. With the click of a button you can find out more than you would spending a day running around and interviewing tons of people. I am not against the idea of e-mail interviews either, although I do not make a habbit of conducting them. I won't lie though, they are often much easier for the person being interviewed if they are busy and don't have time to sit down with a reporter. I have sent e-mails to contact a source and sometimes they will request an e-mail interview.

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